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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

YNET Group adopts Artimedia’s ad technology

By adding YNET’s video properties, Artimedia ad network is becoming the leader and the only provider in Israel of premium digital video inventory via programmatic

Artimedia, A leader in advanced video advertising technologies, and YNET Group, which operates Israel’s most popular news website, announced a cooperation agreement, under which all desktop and mobile video inventories of YNET Group websites will be managed and sold exclusively by Artimedia’s programmatic ad network.

The agreement will allow brands and advertising agencies to upload data driven video campaigns directly to YNET news site, ONE sports site, Xnet lifestyle website & Frogi news site for teens - through Artimedia’s advanced platform for campaign management and real time optimization.

Artimedia offers access to a wealth of video properties on the biggest digital publishers in Israel. By adding YNET’s video inventory, Artimedia is becoming the leading Israeli ad network in the field of programmatic video, covering approximately 70% of the video views on premium online Israeli sites.

The integration of programmatic video on big publisher’s sites, such as YNET that produces high-quality, updated and most reliable video content, is creating a considerable value for marketers who seek to communicate with relevant audiences and strengthen the engagement with their brand on premium environments.

The new agreement will provide access to tens of millions users, watching videos on YNET’s websites every month, based on their behavioral profile and Internet use habits; while using effective ad formats like the EngageRoll, which allows viewers to skip Pre-roll ads and lets advertisers pay only for interested and engaged viewers through a cost-per-view (CPV) model.

Avi Ben-Tal, CEO, YNET: “Artimedia’s technological platform provides an ideal solution for video advertisers looking to target their audiences effectively on premium digital environments. We are proud to enable direct access to our high-quality video content via programmatic and offer our users a better viewing experience”.

Dr. Ofer Miller, Founder and Acting CEO of Artimedia said: “Artimedia’s ad network was built in order to support the growth of the video advertising ecosystem in Israel and abroad. The unique technology we have developed, combined with the widest reach of digital video viewers on Israeli premium sites, including YNET’s Group segmented audiences, allows us to deliver impactful branding and results. In addition, we believe that with our technology we can bring back ad budgets that moved to international websites and to boost demand from abroad for video advertising in the Israeli market”.

About YNET Media Group
YNET is Israel's most popular news site designed to give its readers a holistic news experience, covering both the Israeli and international arenas. Founded in 2000, Ynet is part of the prominent Yedioth Media Group, which publishes Yedioth Ahronoth – one of Israel's most widely-read daily newspaper. Ynet launched in 2004 its English edition, Ynetnews. In addition, Ynet hosts the online version of Yedioth Aharanot's media group magazines and local publications and owns other leading Israeli websites such as ONE sports site.

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