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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Globes adopts artimedia’s advanced ad technology

All "Globes" video inventory will be automatically managed and sold by artimedia’s advertising network

Artimedia, A leader in advanced video advertising technologies, and “Globes”, Israel’s leading economic and financial website, signed an exclusive cooperation agreement, under which all “Globes” desktop and mobile video inventory will be automatically managed and sold by Artimedia’s programmatic video ad network.
In the past few months, “Globes” and Artimedia ran a pilot with selected brands, including Direct Insurance, Mega Retail, and Champion Motors, which used the EngageRoll ad format for campaigns on “Globes TV” content. EngageRoll allows viewers to skip Pre-roll ads and pay through a cost-per-view (CPV) model, based only on real views of the ad. The results of the pilot showed positive responses by viewers to the new ad format, with higher than average completion rates and better engagements with the ads.

The agreement will allow advertisers and agencies to directly and independently upload campaigns on the “Globes” video channel, which airs dozens of videos a week on economic, real estate, lifestyle, vehicle, technology, and other subjects, through the advanced Artimedia interface for managing and optimizing campaigns in real time, and with full control of the pricing, targeting and performance.

The Artimedia video ad network offers an extensive reach that covers more than half of the video viewing market of premium online Israeli content, combining interactive ad formats that maintain the viewer experience and show the viewer ads that are customized to his behavioral profile and Internet use habits. The agreement with “Globes” online follows an agreement that Artimedia recently signed with Walla Communications,  to integrate its video programmatic platform on the portal.

“Artimedia’s video analysis technology is a global leader. It will, without question, improve video advertising at “Globes”, creating considerable value for advertisers, and will boost demand for video advertising on the site. The global trend shows a clear increase in online video ads viewing rates thanks to direct programmatic channels that offer high-quality advertising options at guaranteed placements and price,” said Artimedia founder and CEO Dr. Ofer Miller.

”Globes” Internet VP Gideon Uzan said, “We are proud to join the video advertising revolution. Artimedia’s innovative platform will offer our users a better viewing experience, and will provide advertisers with smarter and more effective advertising formats. The agreement will help Israeli brands reach the high-quality audience of “Globes” with advanced targeting tools in a measurable environment.”

About Globes
Globes is one of the top financial daily newspaper publishers in Israel. Globes started to run its news site in 1995 and also has an English version of Israeli business news daily. Each evening, Globes brings its unrivaled coverage of Israeli business to some 45,000 subscribers representing Israel's elite in management, investment, technology, law, accounting, and marketing. According to Israel Rating Committee May 2013 Online Data collection, Globes is one of the top ten pages with the most views.  Globes is published by Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd, owned by the Monitin group, which has diverse holdings in the Israeli press and media

About Artimedia
Artimedia was established in 2008 by Dr. Ofer Miller, and is a subsidiary of Artivision, a key provider of diverse computer-vision solutions for video security and online video monetization. Publicly traded in the Singapore Exchange (SGX:5NK), Artivision is a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence for video applications and serves a range of public and private sector customers. Artimedia’s unique advertising platform enables advertisers to deliver innovative video ads that optimize performance and engagement to millions of viewers worldwide. It also enables video publishers to maximize the monetization of their video assets, creating a less intrusive and entertaining user experience. For more information visit www.arti-media.net/en

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