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Monday, April 20, 2015

Best Practices for Successful Video Campaigns

Though video advertising has been around for a while, the continued visualization of the web and the Programmatic advertising revolution require brand marketers stay up to date on best practices for online video advertising in order to stand out in what is becoming a flood of video content online. 

Based on the Artimedia team’s experience working closely with advertisers on their video advertising strategy, here are our recommended best practices to consider towards your next online video campaign:

1.   Define clear success metrics: what is it you want to achieve out of the campaign? Brand awareness? Engagement? What’s the specific action you want viewers to take after watching your ad?  Defining metrics at the get go makes it easier to track results and iterate in real time as well as guide the creative work.

2.   Go digital all the way: by now it’s clear to all that it’s not about taking your TV ad and putting it online.  Take advantage of the interactive features the web offers, and take it an extra step beyond number of viewings.  Some of the things you can do as part of your ad campaign is to direct viewers to view or read follow-up content, ask them to take a measurable action (don’t forget to measure it!), re-market to viewers with new video content they are likely to like and more.

3.   Start off with a Bang: internet users attention span is limited, to put it mildly.  This means a video ad needs to grab viewers attention at the very first second, often even before that, at the thumbnail level.  Indeed users are used to seeing pre-rolls before a video content, but if you don’t want them to skip, mute or check the weather update while your ad is playing, you should make sure your message and creative are rocking from the start.
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4.   Get to know Programmatic and Programmatic Direct: for brand marketers, programmatic advertising takes audience targeting and campaign optimization to a whole new level.  The granular level of programmatic campaigns analyses does not only help you achieve better performance for a specific campaign, but also gives you insight as to the type of content your viewers want to see, the likelihood of turning a viewer into a customer and the best  - that is the most converting or engaging, not necessarily the most popular - content venues for your product/service to advertise on in the future.  Depending on your campaign goals, be it direct response or branding, you can choose to focus on Programmatic Direct, where you can guarantee you get the media placements you want at specific content premium sites.

5.   Leverage video advertising to build your video content: today content is the best way for brands to have an ongoing dialogue with their customers and to form customers into an engaged community.  Many brands already have content departments dedicated to developing original content and establishing authority in their field.  If you’re creating video content as part of your customer communication strategy, use your advertising budget to promote your longer-form content, to see which types of content are more engaging, and to test new concept ideas.

6.   Make it sharable - a video ad is a video content piece, and as such it needs to be easily searched, found and shared.  ‘Nough said.

7.   Consider these for creative - whether you adopt a TV ad to the web or create original ad for internet audiences, make sure you maintain a high production quality. When creating original ad for an online campaign, it is optimal to have several creative variations, especially if your ad meets the same viewer more than once.

The increase of premium video content, alongside the unstoppable growth of user generated video content, bring with it extended reach to new audiences.  This poses an opportunity for marketers to include video advertising in their online advertising mix, benefiting from the targeting and measurement capabilities of the web, and without compromising brand equity.
Following these video advertising best practices sets you on the right way to a successful campaign.  We will keep updating the list from time to time to make sure we help you stay up to date and make the most out of your video advertising strategy.

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