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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Artimedia Appoints Gal Turjeman to Lead Sales and Business Development Efforts

Artimedia, A leader in advanced video advertising technologies, announced the appointment of Gal Turjeman as Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development.

Mr. Gal Turjeman
With many years of experience, Mr. Turjeman is considered a significant force in new media, digital advertising and broadcast TV. In his role he will manage the company’s sales and will be responsible for relationship building with brands and advertising agencies that are looking for programmatic video solutions which enables them to reach segmented audiences, in premium environments.
Prior to joining Artimedia, Mr. Turjeman has served as Head of the Joint Industry Committee for web standards in Israel. Before that, he was the Head of Business Development and New Technologies at YES – the Israeli satellite multi channels platform. He was also one of the founders and acted as VP Marketing & Sales at Vbox Communications, a successful Israeli high-tech company.
Mr. Turjeman holds mini MBA from the Microsoft Ventures Academy and a BA in Economics & Political Science from Bar-Ilan University.
Dr. Ofer Miller, Founder and CEO of Artimedia: “Digital video ad spending continues to increase significantly; up 50% this year, and has become an essential tool for transmitting messages to premium audiences. Gal has many years of experience in digital media and I’m sure he will assist the company in introducing our programmatic video advertising technologies to the Israeli market”.
Gal Turjeman: "I am excited to join one of the most promising ad-tech companies in Israel that successfully combines media with advanced technology. Artimedia is the smartest platform for managing and programmatically buying online video on premium media in the Israeli market and I am convinced it will help marketers to achieve the greatest return on their digital video investments".

About Artimedia
Artimedia was established in 2008 by Dr. Ofer Miller, and is a subsidiary of Artivision, a key provider of diverse computer-vision solutions for video security and online video monetization. Publicly traded in the Singapore Exchange (SGX:5NK), Artivision is a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence for video applications and serves a range of public and private sector customers.
Artimedia’s unique advertising platform enables advertisers to deliver innovative video ads that optimize performance and engagement to millions of viewers worldwide. It also enables video publishers to maximize the monetization of their video assets, creating a less intrusive and entertaining user experience. For more information visit www.arti-media.net/en

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