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Monday, February 16, 2015

In an Industry First, Artimedia Delivers Programmatic Video Advertising in Israel

Artimedia Launches a Premium Video Advertising Network, Offering Smart Ad Formats on Video Content from Top Publishers in Israel:

Artimedia is launching a Premium Video Ad Network in Israel, working with top Israeli publishers. A leader in advanced video advertising technologies, Artimedia exclusively leverages automated content analysis to offer a portfolio of smart interactive ad formats that blend ads with video content. The platform is accessible through a self-service campaign management interface, enabling to buy and optimize premium media in real time.
Artimedia is already in commercial cooperation with top video publishers in Israel and has started its first pilot with Globes TV, which enables viewers on the website to choose whether they want to watch the full video ad or to skip it.
The company’s advertising products are based on a unique technology that automatically synchronizes ads with video content to generate incremental inventory from existing premium video assets. Furthermore, for the first time in the Israeli premium media market, Artimedia enables a new efficient and fair pricing model for video ads, based only on viewers who chose to complete a full view.
Artimedia’s technology automates and streamlines the complex manual processes which characterize today’s online video media buying – from planning and operation, to analysis and optimization across all stages of the campaign. With Artimedia, advertisers and agencies can execute data-driven and results-based video campaigns on desktop and mobile, in order to reach an optimally targeted audience for their brands.

Dr. Ofer Miller
Dr. Ofer Miller, Founder and CEO of Artimedia: “Artimedia will revolutionize the premium online video media industry in Israel. Our advanced platform enables brands to easily reach and engage relevant and interested viewers. Soon, 50% of online viewers in Israel will be exposed to ads served using Artimedia”. According to Dr. Miller, the advertising world is moving towards Programmatic Direct media buying, and he intends to lead the programmatic advertising trend for premium video. Dr. Miller added that “Artimedia helps advertisers and publishers to achieve the greatest return on their digital video investments”.

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