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Thursday, August 1, 2013

TV X Online Video: a Battle or a Shift in Evolution?

This Way Here, Please

It is no surprise that these day viewers migrated not so slowly from TV to the front of computer screens.  Internet video has soared in popularity, with studies showing more than 75% of all current web traffic is video.

Online video’s explosive growth is predicted to keep growing:  in a study done in 2012 in the US by one Video Ad tech company, more than 66% of respondents said they are watching more online video now than they did 12 months ago and 48% expect they will continue to watch more in the next year (currently now).  Also, the viewers’ perception of the quality of video content online has improved and more than 50% of respondents felt they could find more exclusive content online than on TV.

Regarding habits, online video became a routine the same way television used to be:  49% of respondents said they watch online video daily, with 7 hours being the mean time spent per week. Much more impressive than TV numbers, by the way.  Something that also might help in the big time spent by viewers is the versatility of online video, which cannot be compared to television: not only 60% of viewers watch online video because they can watch it whenever they want, but wherever they want: computers, mobiles and tablets. 

An article published today by the Telegraph presents an annual report by Ofcom, the British communications regulator, and says that that the increased use of Smartphones and tablets such as iPads means that many Britons are regularly watching a different television show from their spouse while sitting in the same room.  A fact that makes us understand why the report also points out that more people are reverting to having just one television in the house. Some 41% of households now have one set, compared with 35% in 2002. As also the proportion of children who have a television in their bedroom has dropped 17% in the past six years to 52%. 

Tablets and Bathrooms

That leads to great conclusions to online video advertising industry: online viewers are more engaged with ads. And why is that? Simple: multi-tasking is more pervasive when watching television ads than when watching online video ads; 58% of respondents of this same study said they do things around the house when ads come on TV versus 26% for ads online. The same study published in the Telegraph shows that the “addiction” two tablets extends to 11% of adults watching content in the bathroom. 

Online video advertising is showing double-digit year-on-year growth, and is on its path to disrupt TV advertising revenues in the next few years, breaking records every year: while digital video ad spending was projected to increase 46.5% in 2012, TV ad spending was only projected to rise 6.4%. And that’s only one of the many impressive stats gathered in the infographic below, designed by Prestige Marketing. 

Take as an example the numbers in the US: American consumers spent 3.8 billion minutes streaming video advertising in February 2012, according to Online Media Daily. That’s 9.9 billion video ads in one month, with Google sites (YouTube) serving an all-time high of 2.2 billion ads. Yes, you read it right: these numbers refer to advertisement ONLY.  Take a closer look at the infographic highlights and it will be easier to understand why these stats are so impressive and tend to grow more and more:

- 25% of all viewed video content was advertising.

- 4.6 billion minutes of online video ad content watched in June 2012. 

- As of August 2013, Google is the largest Ad Network for videos. Read here YouTube. 

- 11+ billion online ads were streamed in June 2012.

- Social media users are 5x more likely to click on videos and photos.

- Brand recall increases nine times with ad campaigns on multiple screens (TV, online video, etc.)

- 81% of marketers used online video in 2011. 

Let us know your thoughts about TV vs. Online Video advertising! 


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  1. Everyone is watching videos these days but is there much video advertising going on?

  2. Hi, thanks for your question.

    According to comScore Video metrix, video ads accounted for 31% of all videos viewed and 3% of all minutes spent viewing video online in the US last June.
    (source: http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/2013/07/record-broken-americans-viewed-20-billion-video-ads-in-june.html)

    We should try to forget ads in the way we currently know them and remember advertising for internet is conceived in many other ways, such as short movies for example. Many times we are watching ads and do not even realize it until we see the mention (very subtle)of the brand.