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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Think Social

Think Different

Last January Twitter launched Vine, the first Social Video platform that came and made a big buzz on the social scene: everybody was talking about it. Although the short looping videos seemed kind of childish and fun, very soon brands learned hot to use it and we started to see some very good work in the 6 seconds allowed. If you still doubt it, take a look at this site: http://www.fastcocreate.com/1682988/the-9-most-creative-least-gratuitous-brand-vines#12. And this is only one of the many examples we can find.

Right after that, the launch of the first movie trailer (or better called “teaser”?) on the platform, using its shortness as a benefit was a great success: The Wolverine was the first trailer on a social video platform. The way the platform is set up is perfect for a flick that’s traditionally full of cut scenes, and given that The Wolverine is an action film, it’s naturally suited for the format.

But how sad would be the world without diversity and competition? A month ago, Instagram launched its own Social Video Platform, allowing users to record videos as well: not the 6 seconds of Vine, but 15 seconds (almost an ad), and applying the famous filters that made the Instagram famous worldwide. Guess what? Yes, it’s a huge success. 

And again, we have a success formula here: 15 free seconds (basically an ad) on one of the most famous visual social networks in the world with over 80 million registered users. Not only we can already see great ads on Instagram, but now also great movie trailers: today launched the first one (#Nofilter) on the platform. This bold launch could only come from one of the most expected movies of the season - Jobs, the biopic of the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs. The “Think Different” motto of Jobs was perfectly fit for the fresh approach of the trailer on the video social network, and takes us back to the discussion about the power of social videos: people will like, comment and share before the launch of the movie expected in August 16. Well, that’s the idea.

Altogether Now

Let’s do a little test so you will understand the dynamic of the social video: open your Facebook account now, please. If you live in this planet and is a social being, for sure you do have one. 

Now, for a matter of curiosity, just count how many videos you see on your Newsfeed.  I can tell you the second post on my Newsfeed is a video, and is not a video clip, which was really common a while ago, when people started to share videos online. It’s a tutorial of how Navajo Indians meditate. I scrolled down my Newsfeed twice and found 4 videos, all shared, none of them generated by users. One is a video-clip, one is the meditation tutorial, two are ads. The ads were not shared by my colleagues advertisers, but for other people interested in the product advertised (one of them, believe it or not, is an app that reminds you not to forget your children locked in the car). 

My point when I ask you to make this test is to prove you that the “cute movie with the baby laughing” is still shared, of course. But above that, what makes people share an add with this (scary) app? Relevant content for their lives. What makes someone like and comment on a video clip? The memory the music brings, identification. What makes someone share a tutorial about Navajo mediation? Interaction: listening to it and meditating with the earphones plugged into the computer. 

I'm sure now it’s easier to understand what social video is and why I can dare to say it’s going to be the strongest social media tool we currently know.

You Look so Good!

What is so awesome about video is that it unites the human senses in one media. Obviously we cannot smell screens. Or maybe we can already: I have read recent articles that talk about something called “olfactory displays”. Also, we cannot taste them, but as smell and taste are intertwined, chances are that in the minute the viewer feels the smell, the brain will produce the taste. Can you imagine the benefits Advertising will gain when these features combined will be effectively possible? 

But beyond the five known senses, I am talking here about the subtle ones: reading posts or seeing pictures on a social network was already fun, but watching movies changed the whole perspective of the social usage. Even the user generated videos acquired refinements of professionalism. I have to admit I get surprised sometimes by the short movies some of my friends post about their daily life. Everybody knows everything can become viral these days. And if the world can see you, at least you have to look good, right? 


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