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Monday, June 24, 2013

Unique Formats: the Union of Content, Entertainment and Advertising

In 2012 the IAB (International Advertising Bureau) launched an award to celebrate the next generation of formats of digital advertising. The “Future Formats Award” is the result of demand seen in the online scenario in the past years: standard formats are not enough to entertain viewers anymore and to generate a unique experience. Today the market demands innovation. Screen resolutions have doubled in size, broadband is omnipresent, and the internet’s infrastructure is a million times better than a couple of years ago. Consumer expectations online are much higher as a result. Richer experiences, larger images, HD video, greater interactivity and social are now a daily part of website content. Naturally, the need to get, keep and conquer a viewer became an art.  A skill that requires deep knowledge and starts with the technology used to create the ad format and not in the advertising agency that will create the content of the ad itself.

The IAB award has as its objective to give a blown of fresh wind to the market by asking media owners and technology companies to create a new generation of ad formats to be adopted by the industry in 2012. It worked. One year after its launch, a survey was done in the UK to compare viewers experience before and after the new ad formats. For example the average time visitors spent on the page before looking at the ad was 0.4 seconds (compared to an industry benchmark of 1.2 seconds) and time spent looking at the ad whilst visiting the page was 5.5 seconds (compared to a benchmark of 2.5 seconds). This increased attention also resulted in positive findings regarding the ad and brand recall. High recalls figures translated into very positive attitudes towards the advertisement with 62% of survey respondents saying that they like the old ‘very much’ or ‘somewhat’ compared to the EyeTrackShop Inc. benchmark of 33%.

In a context where “Native” became the trendiest expression heard all around and where advertising lets brands experiment with creating entertaining content – longer-form videos, Web films, photo streams, interactive games – instead of being limited to the confines of banners or 15-second pre-roll ads, a natural union between content, entertainment and advertising is the best definition for new formats proposed by the industry.

These are the key words when online video companies started to research and create what could be an effective yet non-intrusive format, pleasing both advertisers and viewers. 

For advertisers looking to drive engagement and sharing brand content, pre-rolls slowly became non efficient mediums. Instead, brands want to integrate their creative content directly into the publisher’s site. And viewers want unique and rich experiences, keeping the content intact yet having the choice of interacting with the advertisement. 

Artimedia, through Advision, its ad platform, researched and developed its first exclusive format in 2009, followed by 4 others in 2011 and 2012. Using the main concepts of content preservation, engagement, entertainment and branding, Advision developed 5 types of unique ad formats for online video advertising in the market. 

The first one launched back in 2009, when ad formats were barely mentioned, was TargetRoll™, a format that blends display ads within video backgrounds. It has zero content breaks, zero obstruction of meaningful content and enhanced engagement. 

More research led Advision to a whole series of exclusive and innovative formats launched between 2011 and 2012: CelebrityRoll™ for example is an ad format created for branding purposes, since it synchronizes ads when a celebrity's face appears in the video. It re-enforces brands with a famous celebrity and it is perfect to be used for premium targeting traffic, also with zero content breaks. LogoRoll™ has also been an ad created for banding purposes, as it synchronizes ads when a brand logo appears in the video, working similarly as CelebrityRoll™.  SmartOverlay™ shows standard Overlay ads without obscuring content, has zero obstruction of meaningful content, zero content breaks and enhanced engagement. Finally, SceneRoll™ has minimally disruptive mid-rolls placed between automatically identified scene changes, with optimally timed ad opportunities, more ad slots increase exposure and earnings and enhanced engagement, like all the other formats of the family. 

Advision is a new breed of end-to-end advertising platform, employing advanced video content analysis technology to offer unique new formats that synchronize ads with video content.

Get to know better about each format and about Advision here: 


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