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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Measure Engagement for Online Video?

Do you see it?

When evaluating results of an online campaign, the most searched metric by advertisers for sure is engagement. Especially in online video, one of the media which is harder to quantify it on its own and where results are over demanded, since video ads are still pricier if compared to other online formats. 

But the world of online advertising as we know it is changing: budgets are slowly shifting from traditional banner ads and even from rich media ads to online video. By 2014, online video will claim almost 40% of the whole online display ad market and when this happens, advertisers will increasingly look forward to quantify consumer engagement with those ads. 
For a particular media as online video, engagement should have particular measurements as well. It is much beyond the number of video views. Traditional measurements for online video are not enough for advertisers anymore, and they are already asking for more metrics, but many of the metrics most desired by advertisers are really hard to be achieved once they can be considered very subjective. 

Until a while ago advertisers were able to measure engagement in two different ways: server-based metrics and survey-based metrics. They could either know the engagement levels from the data the server could provide - video starts, time-spent watching, etc. Or they could know the engagement levels from the mouth of consumers themselves, in the form of survey data. 

This way of measuring the effectiveness of an ad worked really well during the offline days, but when it comes to the online world can be considered “primitive”. Brands need more information for previous experience has shown that viewers have demonstrated many different levels of engagement during a view. Advertisers want to know that their video is actually impacting viewers in terms of attention and interest.

Video engagement can mean a hundred different things: watching the ad, watching part of it, starting the ad, clicking on the ad, finishing the ad, etc. Also, there is the need of being reminded that there are three distinct genres of online video ads: in-stream video ads (like pre-roll or post-roll), in-banner video ads, and branded video content (viral video). According to eMarketer, engagement can run the gamut from viewing an ad to interact with the ad to purchase intent.  Experts at advertising agencies suggest that brands look at where a viewer goes next after watching a video, that video ads be targeted by content and demos, and how much time is spent per viewer per session, for example. 

Do you like it?

How to reach the abstractness that advertisers demand then when it comes to engagement? As previously mentioned, online video advertising asks for creative solutions in all instances, and engagement is not an exception. A while ago we started to see all sorts of creative researches on video ad effectiveness, as brands decided to find out where and how their videos were: shared on social networks, commented on video platforms, emailed to friends, Tweeted, Pinned, and so on.

Furthermore, is easy to realize that soon the most important online metric of the past few years - "views", which has been through several definitions itself – will become obsolete. Engagement, and the full potential definition of it, is the new standard trend moving forward. 

What matters now is not only knowing if viewers are watching the ad, or if the video was completed or clicked, but if viewers are enjoying the ad and what is their emotional bond to it. 

Welcome to a brand new world, where to be seen is not enough anymore: you need to be “liked and “shared”: as the metrics change, viewer options change and grow as well. One of the reasons Artimedia, through Advision, utilizes ad formats that synchronize advertisements with video content. This end-to-end advertising solution combines a state-of-the-art video ad server, easy to use campaign management and fully automated performance optimization, driving millions of impressions and high levels of engagement to our partners every day across the globe.

Please, let us know your online video engagement perceptions as an user or partner. It will be a pleasure to have your feedback. 


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